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LDN Weekly – Issue 321 – 19 June 2024 – How to Lose Votes and Alienate People


With the Euros in full swing, it’s fair to say that football rather than politics might be top of many people’s priorities. And the parties aren’t totally immune to the public mood – canvass sessions no doubt routinely suspended to avoid door knocking during key matches. Woe betide any candidate dragging a fan away from the TV just as the ball hits the back of the net – a surefire way to alienate the voters!

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LDN Weekly – Issue 320 – 12 June 2024 – Manifesto Mania


Today’s LDN is sandwiched between the publication of party manifestos. We have had the Lib Dems, the Tories, the Greens and a surprise one from the SDP (remember them?).  We highlight some key points in today’s edition. Tomorrow comes Labour’s and we will do a deep dive into this shortly, given the probability of a Labour government come 5 July. 

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LDN Weekly – Issue 319 – 06 June 2024 – Are minds made up?


Heading into week two of the campaign and many staples of the General Election bingo card can be ticked off. Battle buses launched – tick. Labour leader quizzed on whether they’d press the nuclear button – tick. Candidates kissing babies – tick. Parties getting in a tizz over last minute candidate selections – tick. Politicians try to look sporty for the cameras – tick. War on woke declared – tick.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 318 – 30 May 2024 – One down, five to go


In the blink of an eye, a week has flown by in the General Election campaign. Was it really only seven days ago that a rain-soaked Rishi Sunak appeared outside 10 Downing Street to fire the starting pistol in an election everyone anticipated but few expected?

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LDN Weekly – Issue 317 – 24 May 2024 – Away They Go!


Many from the property sector, including a strong contingent from LCA, were in Leeds this week for UKREiiF. With the industry desperately craving stability, the looming General Election was already the hot discussion topic up in West Yorkshire.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 316 – 16 May 2024 – The Shape of Things to Come


Sadiq Khan has only ever dealt with a Conservative government during all of his time as Mayor. Both his predecessors had periods with their own party in government – both say this allowed them to get more done.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 315 – 5 May 2024 – LDN Mayoral Election Special: Khan Makes History


In this special election edition of LDN, we cover the results of the London Mayoral and Assembly elections, plus we bring you the results from the council by-elections across the city. We also look ahead at what a Sadiq Khan third term might mean for London and the challenges that he will face.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 314 – 2 May 2024 – Countdown to the Counting


History is written by the victors, and who wins in this week’s race for City Hall will go some way to deciding how this election will be remembered. All elections have their own unique flavour.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 313 – 25 April 2024 – Home Straight


The race for City Hall is now in the home straight, with just over a week to go until polls open. In the past week, we’ve seen the two frontrunners publish their manifestos. Cue lots of frantic CTRL+F searches of both manifestos by journalists, civil society and campaign groups (and, no doubt, the opposing side’s campaign teams) hunting for favoured issues, buzzwords or perhaps even material for launching political attacks.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 312 – 18 April 2024 – Street Fighting


By my reckoning, there’s been 12 opinion polls on the London Mayoral race since last June, the most recent of which was published just the other day. With a few weeks to go until election day, there’s still time for a few more.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 311 – 11 April 2024 – Assembly Point


The race for Mayor dominates the coverage of the coming election – so much so, you might not even realise that Londoners will also choose the 25 members of the London Assembly on the same day.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 310 – 03 April 2024 – WHERE'S THE GRAND LONDON EXPRESS?


Yesterday’s commitment by Sadiq Khan to extend the Superloop bus network from Lewisham to Elephant & Castle hasn’t been universally welcomed. And a good chunk of the criticism is directed at what they perceive as a paucity of ambition, seeing a bus route as a poor substitute for the Bakerloo Line extension (BLE), whose route it mirrors.

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