Research & Intelligence

10% of our entire team are focused specifically on research and intelligence gathering. We are relied upon to keep our ears to the ground and deliver regular, tailored briefings to our clients and associates.

We track and analyse the following:

National Press 
Daily monitoring of the national press through a comprehensive cuttings service that is reviewed and summarised by and for our team.

Local Newspapers 
Weekly review of every single local newspaper in London as well as titles across the south east.

Trade Press 
Monitoring of over 30 trade press titles - both print and online - across property, regeneration, housing, health, transport, education, policing and local Government.

Broadcast Media
Tracking and assessing national and regional news and political debate across the UK and London.

London Boroughs and Local Authorities
Dedicated specialists within the team who closely monitor key meetings, decisions and events in councils across London and the south east of England.

GLA and Houses of Parliament 
The key meetings, debates and announcements of the Greater London Authority and the Houses of Parliament, as well as of the other key public and private sector organisations which influence debate and shape opinion.

Social, digital and micro media, with dedicated online research tools in place to comprehensively track activity landscape and the impact of Government legislation.