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LDN Weekly – Issue 249 – 21 December 2022 - Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

GOODBYE 2022, HELLO 2023

Our last LDN issue of the year, and our 249th, provides you with a brief set of 12 headlines from the week just gone, followed by our look back at 2022 and a glance at 2023 – all in sets of 12. 

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LDN Weekly – Issue 248 – 14 December 2022 - It's Snow Joke


There’s so much in today’s issue that our editors simply gave up on writing a foreword – and who can blame them, amidst snow-speckled Christmas merriment only slightly dimmed by strikes 

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LDN Weekly – Issue 248 – 7 December 2022 - Rebel, rebel


“If I had the energy for Twitter discourse, I might pose the following question to the masses. Is there a public institution or structure in this country that is currently working well, or if not well, then at least adequately?"

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LDN Weekly – Issue 246 – 30 November 2022 - In LDN we trust?


“Trust is an important attribute in politics, as it is in life in general.  And trust in our public services is vital to a healthy society."

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LDN Weekly – Issue 245 – 23 November 2022 -Have Your Say


“Readers, we come to you today with our usual rich mix of hard news, political gossip, sector insight and London life."

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LDN Weekly – Issue 244 – 16 November 2022 - Tomorrow and Tomorrow


“Lots of eyeballs will be trained on tomorrow’s Autumn Statement. Indeed, they are likely to be flitting from their latest energy bill, to their mortgage statement or rental agreement and back to the Chancellor with a mix of horror and hope."

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LDN Weekly – Issue 243 – 9 November 2022 - Curtains Down in London?


“When people think about where to invest their money, go to study or simply for a holiday, a city’s cultural offer is often high up on the list. London’s offer has, historically, been incredibly strong."

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LDN Weekly – Issue 242 – 2 November 2022 - Capital of Contrasts


The spectre of a winter of discontent loomed large in the Mayor of London’s speech at the London Conference yesterday, in sharp contrast to a more positive, upbeat speech by the Minister for London Paul Scully.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 241 – 26 October 2022 - Sunak Sells Stability?


'It is now nearly 11 months since the Partygate story broke in the Daily Mirror (on 30 November 2021, to be exact).  It can safely be argued that since then the government, as we used to know it, has stood still.'

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LDN Weekly – Issue 240 – 19 October 2022 - Enter The Hunt


One’s mental capacity for institutional failure only goes so far but today, amid news of screeching U-turns from Government and wobbly markets we also bring the latest on the Metropolitan Police and Baroness Louise Casey’s interim report into ‘abhorrent’ behaviour among its officers. 

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LDN Weekly – Issue 239 – 12 October 2022 - Pro-Chaos Coalition?


I can safely say that I have not witnessed such chaos at the top of government in all that time as we are witnessing now. 

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LDN Weekly – Issue 238 – 5 October 2022 - Revolutions


A ‘revolution’ can mean many different things and it feels like we’ve had all sorts of them over the past few days.

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