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Corporate & Public Affairs

Protecting and enhancing reputation and strengthening relationships with political, business and stakeholder audiences.

With in-depth knowledge of London and beyond, combined with our understanding of the dynamics between local, regional and national government, we provide corporate and public affairs services for many of our clients to help them strengthen their position in their respective markets.

Our services comprise:

Key message and strategy development: This sits right at the heart of what we do. Whilst "saying the right thing to the right people in the right order at the right time" may seem a simplistic statement, assembling and then testing those messages in an engaging and effective manner is critical. Identifying and understanding the target audiences is bread and butter for us. We then recommend a range of tools and techniques to target the message to the audience and choreograph that engagement through effective planning and implementation.

Perception research: A recommendation for action should be informed by research. We deliver both qualitative and quantitative research to establish what our clients' stakeholders think about them, often at very senior levels across Government, business and the media. These "Perception Audits" then form the basis for communications recommendations as well as setting a benchmark against which the success of those actions can be judged.

Political engagement and insight: Our industry often likes to mask this in mystery, when it needn't be mysterious at all. This does however require a thorough understanding of the politics and an excellent contact network, backed up extensive monitoring and research. We invest around 10% of our turnover on in-house research functions and tools so we can constantly provide informed recommendations and then help our clients engage effectively with local, regional and national Government. We also provide a range of intelligence monitoring services across our client base.

Executing corporate affairs programmes: With the strategy in place, we then work with client teams to implement its recommendations. We prepare new materials, run any launch event and announcement, deliver a full-service PR function, manage the stakeholder engagement programme and provide 24/7 senior strategic counsel and monitoring.

Corporate plans and brochures: We work with clients across the private and public sectors to develop materials such as corporate plans, brochures and reports. This often involves a comprehensive evidence-gathering exercise including an in-depth review of existing communications materials and a series of interviews and/or workshops with senior leadership and stakeholders. We then project manage the production of the document from start to finish, drafting all copy including case studies and designing the entirety of the document including infographics. We can also create a suite of accompanying materials such as presentations, key facts booklets, websites, social media banners and videos.

Event management: Despite the massive growth in social media, event management remains an important tool in any PR company's box. We run high-profile Ministerial events, arrange launches for development projects and new research, manage roadshows and throw a good party too. We have also worked closely with Pipers for many years and support them with PR services at MIPIM, LREF and MIPIM UK whilst also managing client programmes at these events and at New London Architecture.

Crisis communications and issues management: From strategic guidance to hands on support we are there for our clients when they need us most. Whilst for many issues we will have prepared a response plan in advance, we know that this isn't always possible. We provide 24/7 cover for our clients, with both hands-on support and senior strategic counsel.